Leap Motion Opens Up Interaction Engine For Early Access Beta and Shares More Details

So far, creating virtual reality (VR) titles doesn’t seem to be much of an issue with the amount of developers jumping on board. However, it takes something else to make VR feel real, and that is what Leap Motion is striving for with Unity with its Interaction Engine, which is now available as an early access beta.

This new kind of engine that Leap Motion is enabling Unity to create is something that could change the fluidity of producing high quality VR physics. The general idea is that rather than having objects misbehave and not abide by the laws of physics as we would naturally expect them to, the Interaction Engine incorporates real-world hand physics. Although this doesn’t result in completely realistic actions, it feels more satisfying to use.

leap motion screen

As well as designing how each object can be handled, the Interaction Engine can also detect whether an object is being grasped. Leap Motion explains that with the inclusion of these physics, the objects will feel much more solid and real, as well as your own hands from the real-time physics representation of your own hands. In a more relatable way, Leap Motion explains what VR feels like without these physics by comparing it to “one of those late-night infomercials where people can’t tie their own shoes”.

These physics can be seen in Leap Motion’s Blocks demo which was previously reported on, and it was built with an early prototype of the Interaction Engine. In this app, you can appreciate how effortless it is to create, move, and manipulate the blocks, including making them all levitate with hand movements that make sense.

The Interaction Engine early access beta can be downloaded as a Module for Leap Motion’s Unity Core Assets.

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