It All Comes Down to Physics and Luck in Nebulous For Oculus Rift With PlayStation VR Support Coming Soon

A popular trend that is happening, but is by no means a new thing, is the reappropriation of regular PC videogames as virtual reality (VR) titles, and although titles like Nebulous could be played just as well without VR, it has been given the added punch of it with the Oculus Rift.

Nebulous, developed by Namazu Studios, is a sci-fi puzzler that is sprinkled with amusing commentary on the misfortunes that Astronaut Dash Johnson, the guide of the title, experiences. Players can expect cutting insults as they float through the maze-like levels, likened to board games such as Mouse Trap.


Every stage starts out with Johnson in a fixed position, and to advance in a level players position objects like a conveyor belt. As a result of this, the gravity is altered before letting Johnson drop and fall through the level with hopes of reaching the exit.

Nebulous‘ VR support lets players solve challenges in an intuitive, natural way, but the game’s essence is still a blast without a cutting-edge control scheme,” said Keith Hudnall, technical director, Namazu Studios, “If you want an experience that makes you think but also make you laugh along the way, you definitely need to play Nebulous.”

Nebulous can be purchased for the Oculus Rift on Steam for £10.99 (GBP), with PlayStation VR support to come later this year for the same price – which translates to $14.99 (USD).

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