Hut, Hut! Quarterback SNAP Puts Your American Football Skills to the Test For HTC Vive

In the spirit of today’s virtual reality (VR) sports feature, it seems quite fitting for Quarterback SNAP to have arrived on the Steam Store yesterday for the HTC Vive, a title where you can give your skills as a quarterback a go.

Designed by River Studios, Quarterback SNAP challenges you to catch as many pig skins as you can in 90 seconds and throw them through each of your six changing receiver targets. You won’t be alone through this as you will have Coach Mike to help you through your training and eventual success.

quarterback snap

There are plenty of features that makes this title a much more fully-fleshed on than simply a tech demo for football lovers. Train in a life-like facility with Coach Mike, balance speed and pressure as you race against the clock, keep alert at all times for catching opportunities. There is a list of passing states after every round to help you keep track of your progress, and there are three leaderboards: local, global, and wit your Steam friends.

If you get to the point where you hit targets without missing, you will then be throwing literal fireballs to keep up the streak.

There is a tutorial mode for those who want a bit more time one-on-one with Coach Mike, or even spend some time by yourself perfecting your skills in training mode, right before you make it into competition mode to win big.

Quaterback SNAP is currently available on Steam for a discounted price of £8.99, 40% less than the total price tag of £14.99.

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