Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live to be Released in Americas and Europe This October

Previously this title was used as an indicator as to when Japan would get the PlayStation VR, which since has come out more explicitly. Now it has been announced that Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live will come out around the launch date, but one day after Japan receives it.

Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live is exclusive to PlayStation VR, and puts the player right in the digital world of Hatsune Miku, the fictional Japanese super pop star that has captured hearts across the world. Players will sit in the stadium where they can be immersed amongst fans of Miku, watching the performance as they wave a glow stick with their motion controller.

hatsune miku vr future live

When the song starts, players have to aim to keep in time with the music as they wave the glow stick, taking cues from the rest of the crowd, cheering on Miku during the concert. This then builds up voltage, and once this reaches climax, players will then be transported onto the stage for a one-on-one encore performance with Miku. It is quite simply one of the most quintessential Japanese videogames there is, but now in VR.

Those who have bought the PlayStation VR in the Americas and in Europe will be able to get Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live on 14th October – one day after the launch of the PlayStation VR and the release of this title in Japan.

Those at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, this year can try it out at the PlayStation booth. Pricing is still yet to be confirmed and will be announced “at a later date”.

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