Get into the Spirit of the Olympics with World VR Competition

The Rio 2016 Olympics has begun in Brazil with a lavish opening ceremony being put on for the world to see. Launched at the same is World VR Competition by MT Worlds, an Olympic themed virtual reality (VR) party videogame for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

Arriving on Steam Early Access, World VR Competition features a range of mini-games to play in single-player or local multiplayer against some friends. There will also be online multiplayer, but at present that feature hasn’t yet been implemented. The playable options so far include Archery, Energy Swords, Sniping, Boxing, Trap Shooting and Dual Pistols. With these players can choose to play a solo event, create a custom competition with a selection of them or just go for a full competition.

World VR Competition screenshot 1

To make it more of a party title World VR Competition features customisable player characters, various spectator camera angles, medal count reminders and a configurable HMD swap timer.

As it’s an early access title there’s still more to come, with two more events planned on top of multiplayer over the coming weeks. MT Worlds did plan to fully release the videogame for the start of Rio 2016 rather than launch on early access to which the team said: “While we tried to avoid releasing in early access, some polish is missing from World VR Competition along with a few major features and events such as our Online Multiplayer game mode which is not quite ready and a couple of other events which could not be finished in time. However we dedicated ourselves for many months to releasing alongside the opening of the 2016 Summer Olympics and could not imagine a world where there is not a similarly themed game for VR during the Olympics.”

World VR Competition is currently available for a limited time discount until 12th August 2016. Consumers will be able to get 20 percent off the regular price of £10.99 GBP, dropping down to £8.79.

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