Funomena’s Oculus Touch Indie VR Puzzler Luna Will Demo at PAX West 2016

Luna was mentioned a little while ago when we reported on 30 titles set to launch with Oculus Touch this Fall, and now it will finally be playable at a public event this weekend at PAX West 2016, featuring in the Indie Megabooth.

This indie title is a virtual reality (VR) puzzler that uses the Oculus Touch controllers, and players are encouraged to observe, listen, customise, and interact with a storybook world. This world is inspired by origami, minimalist illustration, abstract sculpture, and stop animation.

luna funomena

The story that brings this title to life is as described by the developers, Funomena, themselves: “The game begins when a young Bird is lured from its nest by a mysterious Owl, whose hypnotic song convinces the Bird to swallow the last piece of the waning moon. Blown far from its nest by the ensuing storm, Bird wakes up in a scrambled, unfamiliar and lonely place.

“To help the Bird find its way home, players must first look to the stars. Here, they help untangle the mixed-up constellations of Bird’s memories, which appear as tangled webs of stardust floating in the night sky.”

As well as the title itself, there is said to also be the usual freebies that come along with this event, so if trying out this title on the Touch controllers isn’t enough, then your innate sense of wanting free goodies may kick in.

Luna will be available at the Oculus Touch stations and at the AMD booth if you are looking for other opportunities to come by it during PAX West 2016.

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