EVE: Valkyrie Carrier Assault to Be Included As a Standard Game Mode For PlayStation VR

This week PlayStation Blog Europe is concentrating on EVE: Valkyrie as part of its weekly highlight on different PlayStation VR titles, where last week there was a spotlight on PlayStation VR Worlds. As a part of the first blog post Everything You Need to Know About EVE: Valkyrie it was mentioned that Carrier Assault would be included with the full package.

It was only this year that CCP Games, developers of EVE: Valkyrie, announced the addition of Carrier Assault which gets players into an “epic game of base attack/defend” as an addition to the full title, and it has been included as a standard part of the EVE: Valkyrie‘s PlayStation VR version.

EVE Valkyrie - Carrier Assault

In the blog post, Andrew Willans, Lead Game Designer at CCP Games, described Carrier Assault in a pretty precise way: “If two out of three objectives are completed, the shield defences on their opponents Carrier will be disabled for a short period of time. With the shields down, the attacking team must destroy the Carrier’s cooling nodes. If these nodes are all demolished the Carrier’s core will be exposed and the attackers must rush into the trench at the center of the mothership to deliver the killing blow. Stand back for an explosive finale!”

As well as Carrier Assault, there are two other types of gameplay: Team Deathmatch, where players wipe out the opposing teams’ clone resources by taking part in “dogfighting in its purest form”; and Control, which is an objective-based mode where players deploy a drone near the objective so they can continue to fight and defend.

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