Do You Have The Key To Unlock The Solution? Puzzling Rooms VR Comes To HTC Vive

Arguably, virtual reality (VR) platforms are giving a brand new lease of life to the genre of the puzzle game. Whilst ‘regular’ gaming does have puzzle and logic based game series such as the Professor Layton or Ace Attorney series and even the likes of Portal. As well as also those with strong puzzle elements as a secondary aspect such as The Legend of Zelda. VR is seeing many new puzzle series such as Esper and other titles such as Wayward Sky, The Wire and Storm VR to name but a few.

We now have another name to add to the list Puzzling Rooms VR, created by independent developer Gordon Roberts (Tanks and Turrets). A casual title for room scale, Puzzling Rooms VR sees you step into the HTC Vive in order to take on a series of mysterious rooms. Across these twelve rooms lies 48 puzzles ranging from hidden objects and physical challenges to logic puzzles such as sliding tile puzzles, ‘lights out’ puzzles and Sudoku.

The title releases, which is out now, is available on Steam for £5.59 (GBP).  You can see screenshots for the title shoing off some of the games and challenges included below.  VRFocus will bring news of more VR releases very soon.

Puzzling Rooms VR (1) Puzzling Rooms VR (5) Puzzling Rooms VR (4) Puzzling Rooms VR (3)