Coatsink Reveals Esper: The Collection Trailer

Coatsink Software have released a brand new trailer to celebrate the upcoming release on Oculus Rift of the first Esper game, which is to be bundled with its sequel to form Esper: The Collection.

The original Esper was originally a title for the Samsung Gear VR in which you journey to an alternate 1975 and take on the role of someone being tested for telekinesis by the Government. Tests made after it becomes clear that people are starting to develop mysterious extra-sensory powers.  These powers are your key to solving various puzzles to allow you to progress through the game as well as being the potential key to your survival. Esper 2 which is already released on the Oculus Rift took the ongoing story to new locations, outside the confines of the lab and into a wider world full of secretes and mysterious characters. Voiced in part by celebrated actors such as Sean Pertwee and Nick Frost.

Esper 2

Speaking on the launch Coatsink CEO Tom Beardsmore said “Both Esper and Esper 2 received a great reception on Gear VR last year, and that positive momentum only increased with the launch of Esper 2 on Oculus Rift. We’re excited to be bringing Esper 1 to Rift so that players can experience everything Esper has to offer.”

Oculus Rift owners who already own Esper 2 will be given it’s predecessor for free on September 1st 2016 when the collection goes live; whilst newcomers to the series will be able to purchase both as a bundle for $14.99 (USD), £10.99 (GBP) or €14.99 (EUR).

You can find out more about both Esper titles on VRFocus, including what we think of each in our reviews – in which Esper 2 scores a rare five star rating. VRFocus will bring you further updates regarding new VR releases as we get them.