Clear Out Vermin in 18th Century London With the SteamHammerVR Demo Next Month

The last that we heard of SteamHammerVR, developed by GamestormVR, was that it had only just entered the scene as a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight title, and now it seems as though the title has come some way now that it has been announced there will be a playable demo released next month.

The year is 1892 and you are in Victorian London, one of the more gritty modern times that fits in oh so well with the steam punk style. Using steam powered guns on your arms, you are to clear up “clockwork vermin” who are terrorising the streets along with Doctor Obadiah Springhorn.

steamhammervr screen

There will be three weapons to play with: the Steam Hammer, the Steam Cannon, and the Magnet Beam, with many more to be played with in the full version. In this demo, you start off on the Airship Horndenburg where you find all of these weapons, and after trying them out you can start your mission.

To get more of an idea, there is the demo trailer below to give more of an insight into the gameplay you can experience. The streets are cloudy, the rats are massive, and the threats are overpowering.

SteamHammerVR will be available as a downloadable demo for the HTC Vive on Steam from the 6th September, just under two weeks from now.

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