Chinese Game Portal Developers NetDragon Voice Confidence In VR / AR Technologies

A busy financial press release might not be the most interesting of things to read but it’s in such you often find information not just on the present but the future too. Such was the case with today’s release from veteran internet communities builder NetDragon Websoft Ltd.


In going into detail about their second quarter/first half financial results NetDragon, who have a history of establishing major games related portals specifically in the Chinese market revealed their plans and confidence in both Virtual Reality
(VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

“In particular, we expect our Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to play a major role in our upcoming launches of new games.”

It isn’t just games that in the field of entertainment where NetDragon sees potential. Education it also sees as a major platform and has invested in both AR and VR tools to assist in the classroom. The first of these is a new VR classroom application simply called VR Editor which will act as the flagship product in the new range.  Due out later on this financial year it will as part of the package come with a number of experiences, or as the release terms them ‘scenarios’ and NetDragon aims to build these up into a comprehensive 3D learning-resource library.

AR is also a part of the picture, thanks to the already launched AR editor called AR Wiz which NetDragon hopes developers will use to create new experiences as well as infuse in-development projects with AR functionality. NetDragon also specifically mentions an ongoing project with ARHT Media to develop online-to-offline (O2O) social services through the use of hologram related AR technologies. The company notes that it it has made significant progress in its negotiations to secure potential influential speakers to be recorded in this manner.

“Looking forward, we expect to continue the current momentum and reap the rewards from the broad investments we have made into our games and education businesses in terms of research and development efforts as well as mergers and acquisitions that have granted us access to technologies and new markets.”

VRFocus will bring you news of any future developments.