100ft Robot Golf Gets Release Date and Reveals New Robot

100ft Robot Golf is a sporting title with a big, destructive twist, and now it has been announced that it will, strangely enough, come out for PlayStation VR three days before the head-mounted display’s (HMD) launch – but this isn’t entirely surprising as it is, in fact, a PlayStation 4 general videogame too.

As well as the release date, there is a new robot that has been revealed on the EU PlayStation Blog: Project C. Put together by a secret underground organisation, Project C is made up of five different pilots. These pilots aren’t like any other, however, as each of the five are actually puppies, creating a megadog that may even be taller than 100ft.

100ft robot golf

Not only are its pilots a factor that makes this robot unique, but it’s also its secret weapon. “At any time, you can press L1 to summon the Freesword, a mysteriously cheap light-powered broadsword that can cleave any building in half instantly. Is there a building far away that’ll block your shot to the green? Just tap L1 again to throw the sword at it!”

It is also said that more can be found out about Project C in 100ft Robot Golf’s campaign mode, which is described as “a un and campy anime story that you can play through, filled with intrigue, love, suspense, and golfing action. You will also find out if these five robot golfing dogs are good dogs.”

The official launch date for 100ft Robot Golf is 10th October, where it will be available for both PlayStation and PlayStation VR.

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