Wave Magic VR Wants to Conjure Votes on Steam Greenlight

Arriving on Steam’s community focused Greenlight platform over the weekend was a spell casting virtual reality (VR) title called Wave Magic VR.

Supporting both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs), Wave Magic VR also supports the Leap Motion hand-tracking system, whereby users can shoot magic spells at enemies using just their hands, access menu features or even just punch enemies if and when they get close enough.

Wave Magic VR screenshot 2

As the footage below indicates, Wave Magic VR is an early stage shooter where a variety of enemies spawn around the player which must be destroyed with a pre-chosen selection of magic spells. Prior to going into battle players can choose one particular spell, out of a selection of four, for each hand. On offer is: Fireball, as it sounds players shoot balls of fire; Flamethrower, fairly self-explanatory; Earth Wall, build a protective wall of mud; and lastly Wind Bomb, bomb the enemies with your wind. As all four spells are selectable for the left/right hands, players have the choice of finding a combination that works for them, or why not just pick flamethrowers for hands and burn everything.

At the very end of the video an ‘Ultimate Spell’ as the indie developer calls it, can be unleashed. This involves putting both hands to the ground on a magic symbol which then launches the player into the air, destroying everything down below.

Alongside Leap Motion support the videogame does also offer standard gamepad compatibility. In the future as development progresses additional features are planned, including: boss battles, multiplayer duel, leaderboards and a spell upgrade system.

If all goes well and Wave Magic VR gets Greenlit on Steam then a release is planned for later this year. VRFocus will bring you further updates on Wave Magic VR as details are released.