Educational Platform Lifeliqe Becomes HTC Vive’s Strategic Learning Partner

As much as virtual reality (VR) does revolve around the videogame industry it’s been very well documented that the technology has many uses outside that field. One in particular is education, and today visual learning platform Lifeliqe announced its partnership with HTC Vive to become the company’s strategic partner in the field of educational content.

Lifeliqe’s platform incorporates interactive 3D, VR and augmented reality (AR) programs, with more than 1,000 interactive 3D models built to a high quality and detail to provide individuals with a fun, engaging way to learn.

Lifeliqe Logo

“We’re pleased to have Lifeliqe as an education content partner, developing high quality room-scale educational experiences on the HTC Vive,” said Joel Breton, Vice President of VR content, HTC. “From walking among dinosaurs to exploring the internal organs of a shark, Lifeliqe offers truly innovative premier content for immersive discovery and learning on Vive.”

“It’s such an honour to become strategic partners with HTC Vive when there are so many other incredible virtual reality competitors out there. The fact that HTC Vive chose to work with us, proves that educational content is an important area for virtual reality to conquer. We’re excited to bring our content to life with this new technology and distribute across classrooms,” said Ondrej Homola, co-founder and CEO of Lifeliqe.

The company started demoing the content at the ISTE 2016 conference last month, and more events in San Francisco are scheduled to follow. “Our goal is to begin piloting the content in schools at the start of the new school year (Fall 2016),” added Homola.

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