Audio Arena: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

It was back in November last year that developer Skydome Studios released single-player music-based experience, Audio Arena for Samsung’s mobile head-mounted display (HMD) Gear VR. Now the studio has released the title on Steam for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. With the launch there’s 25 Steam Achievements to unlock and VRFocus has the full list below.

Audio Arena’s gameplay is generated by music with enemies spawning to the music. Skydome Studios has a current limited time offer available where players can get a 20 percent discount until 1st August 2016. That drops the price down from £4.99 GBP to £3.99.


Full Achievement List:


In Sync

Get maximum sync bonus


Minute Man

Last longer than a minute


Good Combo

Get a combo of 100 dots


Finish It

Complete a song


Perfect x 5

Get 5 perfect beat syncs in a row


Big Dot

Kill 1 dot worth 15 points


Strong Finish

Complete a song with maximum beat sync


Big Boom

Get 150 points using the bomb


Great Combo

Get a combo of 250 dots


Mighty Missile

Kill 15 dots using missiles


Seeing Red

Kill 50 Red Dots in a row


It’s Alive

Keep a mine alive for 15 seconds


Awesome Combo

Get a combo of 500 dots


Power Shield

Kill 10 dots using a shield


Complete Sync

Complete the song without ever going out of sync.


Killing Spree

Kill 400 dots in 1 song


Awesome Aim

Kill 15 dots using an aimed missile



Complete a level without killing a dot


Make It Last

Complete a song using only 10 powerups


Mega Dot

Kill 1 dot worth 50 points


Purple Panic

Finish a song killing only purple enemies


Shield Snipe

Use a shield to kill a dot worth 50 points or more


Clean Finish

Complete a song with zero dots left alive


Gigantic Dot

Kill 1 dot worth 100 points


Golden Gun

Get 400 points using 1 Bullet