Macunx VR Memory Platform Hits Kickstarter Goal

Virtual reality (VR) can be used not only to entertain but also as a tool to help users learn, remember, and understand the world around them. Earlier this week Linguisticator launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to help make its Macunx VR spatial memory platform a reality.

Founded by Dr Aaron Ralby, Linguisticator is a company that specializes in memory and language training. Having spent years developing ways of applying memory techniques to learning large and complex subjects, Dr Ralby’s now turning those skills to VR.

Macunx VR can be used to build memory palaces in VR. The process works on the claim that most people are very good at remembering places they’ve been to and things they’ve seen, whilst not being so good at remembering text and number. Using this technique users could find it easier to learn languages, anatomy, laws, periodic table, historical events or Chinese characters for example.

The software has three modes: Free Build, Guided Build and Instructor. Free build is just that, a place where users can build their own memory palace of any size or shape. In Guided mode Macunx will offer modules for specific subjects, walking users step-by-step through the process of creating memory palaces to learn these subjects. Once you’ve become accustomed to building your own memory palaces you’ll be able to register as an instructor, able to create and market your own guided modules.

The funding campaign has already achieved success, managing to hit its £3000 GBP funding goal within four days and with 26 left to go. The £3000 funding goal was to hire a skill Unity developer who will work alongside the students at Westminster University to form the core functionality of Free Build mode. The next goal is to hit £10,000 which will aid development and finish several modules in Guided mode. While the final stretch goal of £15,000 would be enough to finish all three modes.

VRFocus will be following the development of Macunx VR, reporting back with any new updates.