CastleStorm Coming to Gear VR at E3 2016

Zen Studios are set to come back to virtual reality (VR) with a brand new edition of the hugely popular CastleStorm. Having proved a successful real-time strategy videogame since its debut on Xbox 360 in 2013, CastleStorm has seen release on a multitude of formats including Wii U, iOS, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Next in line to join that array is the Samsung Gear VR.

CastleStorm is a mix of battle and adventure in its gameplay, with the player taking command of a number of characters as they attempt to take out enemy encampments whilst defending their own. The videogame takes place on a 2D plane, with each player team located at opposite ends of the map.


In order to launch successful attacks and establish a defence, the player must build troops and defences and issue orders, sending them across the map while taking charge of a castle-mounted catapult to ensure their safe travels. A unique take on the real-time strategy genre, CastleStorm has proven popular due to its lengthy campaigns and heated head-to-head multiplayer gameplay.

Little is currently known about the Samsung Gear VR version of CastleStorm, however it has been confirmed that the videogame will be playable on the show floor at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles this week. An official release on Samsung Gear VR is expected to follow very soon.

Zen Studios’ first VR title, Pinball FX 2 VR, was very well received, so expectations for CastleStorm remain high. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on CastleStorm and other VR titles coming from Zen Studios.