Ancient VR Coaster Seeks Steam Greenlight Support

As virtual reality (VR) has risen in prominence and increasing numbers of consumers have become interested in the technology, there has been an interesting growth in the number of theme parks who have decided to integrate VR technology into their rides, mostly using Samsung Gear headsets. Alton Towers in the UK is one notable park to transform one of its rollercoasters into a VR space experience, and another is La Ronde in Canada which has created a sci-fi rollercoaster experience in partnership with Samsung Gear and Oculus VR. Now, a new title seeking support on Steam Greenlight is looking to bring the VR rollercoaster experience into our homes.

Called Ancient VR Coaster, this title works with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets to place users on their own private rollercoaster. Where most of the experiences we’ve seen coming to theme parks focus on futuristic sci-fi experiences, this one is quite the opposite, taking users through an ancient abandoned environment with roaring flames, dark tombs, and cavernous caves. One of the most thrilling aspects of a rollercoaster is feeling the wind flying through your hair as you physically move around (it’s why they’re still so fun even when your eyes are screwed shut) so whether or not this title will be able to bring the intensity of that experience to VR is yet to be seen.

The developer has said that Ancient VR Coaster is currently in its final stages and that if the title passes its Steam Greenlight campaign it will be almost completely ready to go.


VRFocus will follow the Ancient VR Coaster campaign closely and report back with further developments as they happen.