nDreams Casts a Behind-the-Scenes Look Into The Art & Sound of The Assembly

UK-based virtual reality (VR) specialist nDreams has been a prominent figure on the VR scene, with CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh appearing at conferences across the world. The studio’s also keen detail the progress for its next project The Assembly, releasing regular blog updates and behind-the-scenes videos all about what goes on behind closed doors. The latest video from nDreams delves into the art and sound design that’s gone into The Assembly.

With this latest exploration into the videogames development, nDreams has provided an access-all-areas look at the game’s VR environments, showcasing some never before seen areas. The team talks about how they’re using 3D audio, realistic architecture and intricate details to make the title come alive, further aiding the immersive qualities of VR.

nDreams’ Art Manager, Martin Field begins the opening narration: “So when you first put on the headset in The Assembly, you’re faced with this huge air of mystery and wonder, and uncertainty of what’s happening to you. You can hear things around the world you can see this arid landscape of this desert in front of you. You’re taken down into these corridors that you’re traipsed through, you hear lot of conversations, not entirely sure what is being said, or what’s being talked about…….so in those first minutes we’ve used everything we’ve learnt to make the things you see and hear in The Assembly an exciting assault on the senses.”

The Assembly is due for launch later this year, with support of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). VRFocus will continue its coverage of nDreams and The Assembly, reporting back with any further updates.