LG Launches Trailer For 360 Cam

Being able to watch 360-degree videos is getting easier and easier as virtual reality (VR) technology develops and expands. You can watch immersive videos on Facebook and YouTube with head-mounted displays (HMD) like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. There’s smartphone apps from The New York Times, Jaunt, Littlstar and more, but what if you want to create your own? Consumer 360-degree cameras are appearing with 360fly, Ricoh Theta S and the LG 360 Cam. And its the latter device that’s just had a new trailer released for it.

LG 360 CAM

The video demonstrates the steps that go into using an LG 360 Cam and some of its features used inconjunction with LG’s G5 smartphone. Once you connect the camera to the phone over three steps you’re ready to shoot. The main button on the front can be pressed once to take a photo or hold it down for more than a second to begin filming. The supplied case to protect the camera also functions as a stand to hold it in place, whilst raising the device for a better angle.

There’s three built-in microphones to record all round 5.1 channel sound and the cameras resolution sits at 2k. Shooting can also be controlled via the G5.

With global companies like LG and Samsung fully integrating VR and 360-degree recording technologies into their latest devices, 2016 is going to see a lot more content appearing as more consumers start to experiment with what’s available.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of all the latest VR and 360-degree devices, reporting back with any new updates.