XOTIC PC Joins With NVIDIA for VR Ready Gaming Desktops

Today NVIDIA has kicked off its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) and there will be a wealth of announcements coming from the conference. XOTIC PC, sellers of highly customised gaming PCs and laptops, has announced today that it will add NVIDIA GeForce GTX VR Ready gaming systems to its online store.

Using the NVIDIA GeForce 970 and above, XOTIC PC will be selling desktops that will bypass problems with image quality and low latency, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves. The selection of PCs will include: EXECUTIONER Z170 VR, EXODUS Z170 VR, EXODUS MINI 7170 VR, RECON Z170 VR, and SCOURGE Z170 VR.

NVIDIA Geforce GTX VR Ready

The selection of laptops on the site will be: MSI GT72S Dominator Pro 4K-059, MSI GT72S DOMINATOR PRO G DRAGON-004, MSI GT72S DOMINATOR PRO G DRAGON-070, MSI GT72S DOMINATOR PRO G-041, MSI GT80S Titan SLI-072, SAGER NP9870, and SAGER NP9870-S

“With the introduction of virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, PC gaming is about to change in a very positive and profound way,” said Justin Nolte, Chief Executive Officer of XOTIC PC in a press release. “We’re excited to provide our customers with a great selection of future-proof NVIDIA GeForce GTX-powered gaming desktops and laptops, offering the best available virtual reality experience.”

The selection of systems will expand over time, and a full list of them is offered on the XOTIC PC website.

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