Volo Airsport Coming to HTC Vive

Way back in 2014 Dutch development team Ramjet Anvil completed a Greenlight campaign on Steam for its extreme sports title Volo Airsport. The videogame has been confirmed to be virtual reality (VR) compatible for the Oculus Rift, but it’s also coming to HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) as well.

On Volo Airsport’s Steam page the description only lists experimental support for Oculus Rift, but VRFocus has learnt that the developer does plan on bringing the title to HTC’s device as well. Further information on when it maybe available isn’t currently known at present.


Volo Airsport is an experience based on ‘Proximity Flying’ which involves gliding through the air in a wingsuit close to mountains. Inspired by the Swiss and French Alps, players can essentially free to roam around an enormous environment, travelling at over 250Km/h down the mountains and across fields to find the best line. The character’s body and gear are both fully physically simulated, so players control the characters muscles directly.

The videogame also features dynamic time and weather which can be customised, multiple camera angels so that players can get a third-person or first-person viewpoints, time trials and an editor.

If you own an Oculus DK2 with the 0.8 SDK then you can purchase the videogame through Steam. As and when further updates are released VRFocus will keep you informed.