Oculus Rift Getting Original Esper This Spring

A couple of days ago VRFocus reported on Coatsink Software’s CEO Tom Beardsmore revealing that the studio’s puzzle title Esper would be available for free for Oculus Rift owners who’ve already purchased launch title Esper 2. Now the company has announced further details including a bundle price and release window.

Esper 1 will now become available this Spring and will be bundled together with Esper 2 for $14.95. It seems that once the bundle goes live you might not be able to purchase Esper 2 singularly, which is currently retailing for $9.99 USD.


“Both Esper 1 and Esper 2 received a great reception on Gear VR last year, and the momentum has only increased with our recent launch of Esper 2 on Oculus Rift”, said Beardsmore. “We’re excited to be bringing Esper 1 to Rift in a month or so to allow Rift users to experience everything Esper has to offer, bundled together at a good price. Also, as a thank-you to the Esper 2 early adopters, we are giving them Esper 1 at no extra cost once the bundle update goes live.”

Both the titles are first-person puzzlers set in a world where people have telekinetic abilities. Using these powers players then have to solve a variety of tests. The first videogame is set in a government lab as they try to asertain if you’re a threat, while the second title expands on this with more exotic locations and a greater mixture of puzzles. Esper 2 also features the vocal talents of some well known actors, including Nick Frost (Paul, Shaun of the Dead), Lara Pulver (Sherlock, Spooks) and Sean Pertwee (Dog Soldiers, Gotham), alongside Eric Meyers from the original title.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Coatsink Software, reporting back any new announcements.