Life In 360°: The Geothermal Wonders Of Wyoming

Tuesday has Life In 360° still in America as we take in one of the most well known geological sights in the world. If you were asked on a quiz to ‘name a geyser’ you’re like as not going to struggle. Whilst there are some notable ones in locations such as Russia, New Zealand and Chile – as well as in Iceland where part of the VRFocus team will be spending this week for EVE Fanfest – only one is truly known around the world.

Old Faithful of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, was discovered on an expedition in 1870. It is not the largest, nor is it grandest of the geysers in Yellowstone but it was the first to receive a name. A name it acquired from its eruptions occurring at reasonably regular intervals. It is capable of propelling up to 8,400 gallons (US) of water close to 200 feet in the air.

Today’s video from USA Today doesn’t quite get you up close and personal to the action around Old Faithful – likely due to masses of highly pressurised boiling water and steam not being a good marriage with hi-tech camera equipment. However, you will get a close up view of another geothermal exit point before being with the crowd for when Old Faithful erupts. You can see the video below.

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