Life In 360°: A Galaxy Far, Far Away Comes A Little Bit Closer To Home With Disney & Littlstar

We round off the week with something a little bit different since today’s Life in 360° is photo based, not video based. It does however come from Littlstar; a virtual reality production company that regular VRFocus readers should be very familiar with.

Littlstar were recently called in by Disney in order to record for posterity the groundbreaking on the new Star Wars themed park areas being built at Disneyland in California. Of course the early days on any construction project are difficult, even more so when you’re having to deal with uncontrollable droids, being buzzed by X-Wing pilots trying to bullseye womp rats (a pest control necessity under Californian law) and the white-clad site security keeps telling you to ‘move along’.

You can check out all the chaotic action from the 14-acre site in the photo below, be sure to look everywhere as there’s all kinds of hidden details from high in the sky to right under your feet.

VRFocus will be back next week with more Life in 360°.