HoloLens Wins Red Dot Design Award

Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD) HoloLens launched last month for developers who want to stump up $3000 USD for the kit. While it maybe some way off landing in the hands of consumers the device is picking up accolades for its design. The prestigious Red Dot Awards 2016 have been announced in the category of Product Design and HoloLens made the cut.

For 2016 a record 5,200 products were submitted in the category with 1,304 products being awarded the distinguished prize. The jury consists of 41 experts from around the world Alexander Neumeister, designer of the German ICE trains; Hideshi Hamagushi, the inventor of the USB flash drive and Danish fashion designer David Andersen reports blouinartinfo.com.

Studio 216 HoloLens Sales Experience

The awards are one of the largest for the design industry have began in 1955. Organised by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany the annual event has three award categories: product design, communication design, and design concept.

Alongside the launch of HoloLens Microsoft also released several apps for the device from French developer Asobo Studios. Three titles that are now available are FragmentsYoung Conker and HoloTour. But for none US-based developers to play them you’ll need to attend an event as that’s the closest most will come to gaming on the HMD.

VRFocus will be bringing you further details on HoloLens as and when announcements are made.