Codemasters Working on ‘Official’ Oculus Rift Support for DiRT Rally, Hoping for PSVR Too

DiRT Rally, the latest entry in Codemaster’s popular racing series, released in full on PC late last year with experimental support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Of course, official consumer versions of that HMD weren’t available at the time, but they’re now starting to ship out, albeit with massive delays. With that in mind, will Codemasters integrate official VR support into the title? According to Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman, the team is already working on doing just that.

Sweden_DiRT Rally1

Coleman said as much replying to a fan on Twitter this week. When asked about CV1 support, he noted: “We never officially supported Occulus [sic] but we made it work. We’re working on official support but that takes time.” He also noted that he ‘hopes’ support for the PlayStation VR HMD will be included in the recently-released PlayStation 4 version of the title, though fans would have to ‘wait and see’ if that happens. That said, Codemasters is one of the 230 developers that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) already listed as working on the device.

Coleman wouldn’t deliver a timeline for when official VR support might arrive for DiRT Rally, though did note that he didn’t believe that Codemasters intended to sell the integration as a separate VR version.

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