Witcher 3 Developer CD Projekt RED Says VR “Not Alpha, it’s an Early Beta”

Well established video game development companies have been taking on the prospect of developing virtual reality (VR) projects, including Rebellion and Epic Games, committing efforts to make some of the first well polished pieces. However others seem to be taking a more cautious approach as CD Projekt RED, developers of The Witcher 3, have decided to take it slow rather than jump into the party, but don’t deny that VR is going to be major.

The studio is taking a seat to observe how VR works out with other players in the industry rather than being at the forefront, and they are weighing up whether or not the new technology will enhance the quality of the stories they tell. One fear is that VR will end up an ironically flat novelty like 3D technology, and Marcin Iwi?ski, Co-Founder of CD Projekt RED, won’t let his “private preference” of Microsoft’s HoloLens influence the direction that the studio will take.

Microsoft HoloLens frontCo-Founder Iwi?ski says they has tested VR head-mounted displays (HMD) but believes that VR is still at its very early stages, although next week during GDC it will be a major topic: “Maybe it’s not alpha, it’s an early beta.”

CD Projekt currently have prototypes in development and are actively testing out the storytelling ability of VR, but have nothing to officially announce as of yet.

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