Wander VR Edition Cancelled

Originally revealed in 2014, Wander as a technologically impressive massively multiplayer online (MMO) title developed for PlayStation 4 and PC. While a virtual reality (VR) edition of the videogame was announced not too far from the original unveiling of Wander, the development team has now confirmed to VRFocus that this version has officially been cancelled.

Wander is a non-combat MMO in which players could engage in the joy of exploration with others sharing the virtual space around the world. This non-competitive experience has already seen release on PC, via Steam, and PlayStation 4. While both iterations were due to receive a VR edition, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR respectively, this update has officially been cancelled.

Wander screenshot

Citing technical hurdles, lead developer Loki Davison suggested that the team had tried to continue with the VR development post-launch, but that the limitations placed upon the project were too great a hurdle. The team have now moved on to new projects, including VR development, which VRFocus will bring you more details on in the near future.