VR Tennis Online: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Colopl’s Oculus Rift launch title, VR Tennis Online, is now available to download via Oculus Home. Featuring Oculus Achievements as standard, many of you will want to get a head start on collecting these icons of success. VRFocus has of course got you covered with the full Achievement list below.

VR Tennis Online launched on 28th March 2016, with a price of $24.99 USD. The videogame is rated ‘Moderate’ by Oculus VR’s Comfort Rating System.


Full Achievements List:

  • Tutorial Cleared
  • Tournament Victory Round 1
  • Tournament Victory Round 2
  • Tournament Victory
  • Singles Exhibition Victory
  • Doubles Exhibition Victory
  • Online Single Match Victory
  • Online Doubles Match Victory
  • Used a Killer Technique During a Match
  • Returned a Killer Technique During a Match
  • Win a Tournament as Haruto
  • Win a Tournament as Satsuki
  • Win a Tournament as Gale
  • Win a Tournament as Anita
  • Win a Tournament as Kogane
  • Win a Tournament as Mercury
  • Win a Tournament as Enzo
  • Win a Tournament as Titan
  • All Killer Techniques have been unlocked

VR Tennis Online Achievements