Toyota Puts Its Stamp on AR Windshield

Some people may remember when Sat Navs and Lane Departure Systems were the newest technology, but now with the latest development in augmented reality (AR) it makes old technology’s inaccuracies stick out like a sore thumb. Toyota’s recent patent reveals that the car makers are taking on display real-time lane positioning information with its AR windshield

According to an article by CNET, Toyota’s main feature is the real-time lane positioning, which shows the driver their exact placement within the lane. The way this will be done is with two cameras – one outside to track the road markings, and one inside to see what the driver sees – and while reading the speed and angles of the steering wheel the windshield will present information to the driver.

toyota augmented reality

The implications of this could mean that additional accessories inside of cars – such as lane sensors or Sat Navs – could render irrelevant as car manufacturers take on the concept of AR in car development. But AR and virtual reality (VR) is no new concept to Toyota with a couple VR experiences under its belt, including Let’s Go Places: Austin and Toyota’s TeenDrive 365 initiative.

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