Pre-Orders for IndoTraq’s Development Kit Are Now Live

At January’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas, VRFocus got to try a new wireless tracking system from IndoTraq LLC. While head-mounted displays (HMDs) like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have tech in place that monitors a users position, headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR don’t, only allowing head-tracking via a smartphones gyroscope. IndoTraq have now announced a development kit is available to pre-order.

The IndoTraq development kit will include four anchors which feature: 2500 mAh li-poly 3.7V battery (rechargeable), USB cable for data output and charging, USB communication, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And four tags with: 150 mAh li-poly 3.7V battery (rechargeable), USB cable for data output and charging, USB communication, SPI and I2C. While accessories bundled in include: a VR shark fin tag enclosure, Velcro strap to attach shark fin to VR mask, USB cable for communication from tag to VR mask, a Unity game engine plugin and an area tracking demo.


The entire kit will cost $3,500 USD with a limited quantity available for the first shipping run which takes place at the end of March. After that the second wave of shipments won’t happen until Q3 2016. A low-cost consumer version is due for release later in the year, which will be available from IndoTraq’s partners.

IndoTraq can track a user indoors up to a distance of 100m, even working through walls. Designed for indoors the system can also be used outdoors if required with an extended range up to 300m. The company claims the technology has extremely accurate positioning down to <5mm, with a refresh rate of 200Hz and a minimum latency of 5ms. This should give a very smooth, consistent VR experience for anyone using the kit.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of IndoTraq, reporting back with any further announcements.