New Screenshots for SculptrVR on HTC Vive Released

Yesterday VRFocus reported on indie developer Nathan Rowe’s world-building videogame SculptrVR being available for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) on launch day. Today the Rowe has released new screenshots on the titles Steam page, detailing designs that can be created.

Six images have been revealed showcasing how players can build whatever they can think of, and at any size they like. SculptrVR features full scalability, enabling players to build tiny worlds, gigantic ones or both in the same area. There’s various object  shapes, all with a cube-like design and a varied colour palette to choose from. There’s also a rocket option to add some playful amusement, finished with a design or just don’t like it, then you can just blow it up. It can be shrunk or grown to create smaller or bigger explosions as well.

Multiplayer is also going to be included so several people can create an elaborate world quicker than just building it on their own. Any designs can then be uploaded for other players to see.

It hasn’t yet been revealed how much SculptrVR will cost at launch, but for further details keep reading VRFocus, and we’ll report any new updates as they’re announced.

SculptrVR screenshot 7

SculptrVR screenshot 6 SculptrVR screenshot 5 SculptrVR screenshot 4 SculptrVR screenshot 3 SculptrVR screenshot 2