New CryEngine V Trailer Showcases The Climb and More

Crytek had big news to share for both traditional and virtual reality (VR) videogame developers today. The company behind Crysis revealed the latest version of its development platform, CryEngine, boasting several key improvements for studios to take advantage of. To showcase the power of the new update, Crytek has launched a brand new trailer for the engine, including footage of several supported videogames. Said trailer can now be seen below.

Clocking in at over two minutes in length, the trailer has plenty of footage of a wide range of CryEngine V-developed projects. In terms of VR, there’s only the studio’s own upcoming Oculus Rift exclusive, The Climb, which will be coming soon to the PC-based head-mounted display (HMD). There’s a lot more to enjoy beyond VR here, however, including a look at Monster Hunter Online.

CryEngine V is available now for a ‘pay what you want’ price. Stay tuned to VRFocus for more on CryEngine V.