Life In 360°: McMahon Vs McMahon Is Latest WWE 360 Showcase

The WWE has cropped up a couple of times on VRFocus, most recently back in November when the company first began producing content in partnership with Reel FX for Samsung’s Gear VR video streaming service Milk VR. Since then the company has continued to dabble in the new technology and now releases the occasionally 360 degree video through it’s highly popular YouTube channel. The latest example coming from the most recent WWE Raw event that broadcast Monday night 

The footage, which showcases the opening segment featuring Chairman Vince McMahon and son Shane McMahon – who is scheduled to face legendary performer The Undertaker at this year’s WrestleMania event – is taken from a position at the side of the entrance ramp. Whilst it doesn’t show much in-ring action owing to being so far away, which is a shame; it does show a viewpoint not previously seen and of course allows you to see what was going on beyond what was shown on television.

You can find the video below.

VRFocus will be back with more examples of 360 degree footage being used in the media soon.