Life In 360°: Washington D.C. Becomes Washington 360

To paraphrase one of the best descriptions of virtual reality and augmented reality I’ve read, VR can take you to things whilst AR brings things to you. It is perhaps not surprising then that 360 degree video would develop a niche where the taking you to places part would be taken literally. Companies such as YouVisit and others have shown that the idea of virtual tourism could work and there is also an educational aspect which will in time be fully explored.

Today’s Life In 360° video fits into this virtual tourism camp. Coming from company The Duke & The Duck, it offers a video tour of Washington D.C’s sights and monuments taking in everything from the Lincoln Memorial to The White House. Blending crisp visuals, natural sounds and somewhat curious people (the idea of a 360 degree camera setup isn’t that common a sight just yet)  with factual information.

VRFocus will be back next week with more uses of 360 degree video, be sure to check over the weekend for more information.