HTC Vive to get SculptrVR for Launch

Valve and HTC’s collaborative virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), the HTC Vive is almost here, and the device will have an extensive line-up of titles available at launch. One of those recently confirmed is SculptrVR by indie developer Nathan Rowe. He’s released a couple of trailers for the building title and now via the videogames’ Steam page its been confirmed that the project will be available for the HMD on 5th April.

SculptrVR screenshot

SculptrVR  is a fully interactive world building videogame designed to make use of HTC Vive’s Room Scale user tracking system and motion controllers. Features included full scalability – create really small designs, really large ones or both – from a variety of different shapes. There’s a teleportation system for moving around and once you’ve finished you can upload your worlds, or select the rocket option and blow it all up.

Most building videogames are single player, SculptrVR has a multiplayer option so friends can create worlds together; although its unclear how many players can be involved in one world at a time.

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of SculptrVR, reporting back on any further updates.