Happy Goggles is McDonalds’ VR Kit Made from Happy Meals

All kinds of companies have gotten involved with virtual reality (VR) technology over the past few years. Many had the doors to VR opened to them in 2014 when search engine giant Google revealed its Google Cardboard DIY head-mounted display (HMD), which paired household materials with a smartphone to create a low-end VR experience. This week sees perhaps one of the most unexpected twists on this system yet. Ever-popular fast food chain McDonalds has revealed its very own take on this concept which uses its Happy Meal line of meals for children.

As seen in the video below, McDonalds is soon set to introduce ‘Happy Goggles’, a Cardboard HMD made from the box that Happy Meals come in. To make the HMD, users poke out the space for lenses and the nose from one side of the box, unfold the entire kit, detach the part used from the HMD from the rest, and fold it into position. The meal comes with a lens pack, which you can then slide inside in front of the eye holes. Once the user inserts their own smartphone, they have a completed Happy Goggles kit.

Sadly, it appears this concept will only have a limited rollout for now. Adweek reports that the goggles are set to be available in Sweden for a trial run over the weekends of 5th – 6th March 2016 and 12th – 13th March. Around 3,500 units will be available for $4.10 USD each. If successful, then hopefully VR enthusiasts in other countries will get their chance to get a kit for themselves. Of course, McDonalds has made its own VR videogame, Slope Stars, for use with the set. Based on the footage at the end of the video below, this appears to be a skiing experience.

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