Early Bird Tickets go on Sale for VRTGO 2016 Expo

With the launch of the Oculus Rift this week and HTC Vive next week, events featuring virtual reality (VR) will take a new twist as they’ll now feature technology that’s in the hands of consumers. Secret Sauce the organiser behind the popular VRTGO Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) conference and expo in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK will be holding its annual show in November and early bird tickets are now on sale.


At this early stage no exhibitors have yet been announced but anyone wishing to attend will be able to make use of a limited time offer for tickets. A full early bird ticket pass which includes a networking breakfast, lunch and after-show party can now be purchased from VRTGO.co.uk for £139.00 GBP with a £7.37 booking fee. This offer ends on 31st July 2016. After which the full price will be charged at £199.00 with a £10.12 booking fee. The conference will be held on 3rd November at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

At the 2015 event speakers included: Joe Robins, Community Evangelist at Unity; John Nejady, Associate Producer for CCP Games; Patrick O’Luanaigh, Founder and CEO of nDreams and Jed Ashforth, Senior Games Designer for PlayStation VR.

This years event will likely contain some prominent figures from the VR industry again, so keep reading VRFocus for all the latest announcements.