Cherry Pop Games’ Pool Nation VR Announced for HTC Vive

Like many other video game developers, for the past year Cherry Pop Games has been working on perfecting its virtual reality (VR) development with its sights set on transforming one of its top video games, Pool Nation, into VR. The billiard simulator’s VR version, Pool Nation VR, has now been announced for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

Cherry Pop Games has partnered up with Perilous Orbit, a VR-centric game design and development studio who previously worked on Microsoft HoloLens projects, to bring a well-rounded pool video game to VR. Players can take on the full experience of the classic game with the ability to interact with objects, create trickshots with those objects around the pool hall, play virtual darts, and even get a little rowdy by throwing empty beer bottles against the wall. To deliver all of this, Pool nation VR boasts to have used ‘the most advanced proprietary physics enging honed for billiards realism’ – Unreal Engine 4.


Pool Nation VR will be showcased at this year’s GDC on the HTC Vive on 18th March, and any further announcements of its development and release will be reported on VRFocus first.

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