AMD Showcases The Many Uses of VR in New Video

If you’ve been a long term enthusiast of virtual reality (VR) and a frequent reader of VRFocus, you’ll know that the technology has many applications other than videogames. The immersive qualities of VR allow new levels of teaching and learning across a wide variety of fields; educating kids in school, training in medicine, mental health, rehabilitation and much more. And a new video from AMD highlights these possibilities.

The short film features Omar Faiz, Technical Marketing Manager, AMD saying: “We’re finally able to transform students from the classroom to a virtual space that is never thought possible, like the bottom of the ocean on a shipwreck or maybe the first flight by the Wright brothers. So there’s an historical aspect, an educational aspect, the possibilities are limitless.”

This year will see VR become more widely available and recognised as it develops, with content creators finding new ways for using the medium. Mobile head-mounted displays (HMDs) like Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear were first to fully become available to the consumer market. Now with the release of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive next week and Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE’s) PlayStation VR later in the year, there will access to HMDs with greater clarity, immersion and interaction than there has been before, aiding these fields even further.

And as ever VRFocus will be reporting on all the latest advances in the months and years to come.