Coming Up On VRTV #2: Focal Point, Bossa Studios & HP Envy Laptop

This is something I know you guys have been waiting for, and you only have a couple more days’ wait until you get your next dose of VRTV with Episode 2. The previous show, Episode 1, received great reception and reached 1,000 views on the day it was released, which has now doubled, as well as the behind the scenes piece. This time round I’m sure you will be just as happy with the line-up.

This episode is dominated by VR tech pros with two CTOs joining me on the show, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be lost in technical lingo. First up for a chat will be CTO of 360-degree and VR production company, Julian Davis, who will be talking about the development and progression of the company, the equipment used to create the content, and some of the top projects that have been worked on including live 360 streams. Also joining me is Sylvain Cornillion, CTO of Bossa Studios who brought you the critically acclaimed video game, Surgeon Simulator, and he will be talking about the VR instalment of it, Surgeon Simulator: ER, and the idea of playing with VR more at Bossa Studios.

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality screenshotLast week two lucky tweeters won Legendary Google Cardboards which are on their way over to the winners, but this week we stepped up our game with the prize, which clearly your interests judging from the amount of comments and tweets we received. The prize is, courtesy of AMD, a free HP Envy Laptop worth around £400 GBP – a little pricier than a Google Cardboard for sure. We decided that to make it more accessible for all of our viewers by counting all comments on the VRFocus page and YouTube link as well as tweeting me @ZeenaVRFocus, and it looks like most of you took to that. All we ask is that you guys get in contact with me via Twitter or email if you see your name announced if we cannot get in contact with you.

You can expect Episode 2 to be released at 3pm GMT this Thursday, make sure to follow @VRFocus as well as myself to keep updated, and keep an eye out for a behind the scenes piece next week here on VRFocus.