SUPERHOT Release Date Announced

Last month SUPERHOT’s developer teased ‘some exciting news’ would arrive in the next few weeks and that news seems to have landed. The virtual reality (VR) compatible first-person shooter (FPS) has now been given an official release date for the PC version of 25th, February 2016.

The main feature of SUPERHOT is that time moves only when the player moves. When standing still everything moves in super slow motion, this allows players to negotiate a route through a multitude of enemies, usually under heavy gunfire. There’re no regenerating health bars, ammo or weapons like a standard FPS, you must use your fists and grab enemies weapons to shoot, punch and out manoeuvre everything in your way

Since appearing at Oculus VR’s booth at a number of events throughout 2014, the state of the title’s VR support is currently unknown, and no further details have been revealed with this latest announcement.

VRFocus will continue to update our readers on SUPERHOT and its VR compatibility in the future.