Sony Showcases New Footage of PlayStation VR’s Disc Battle Demo

PlayStation VR fans will probably remember the virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display’s (HMD’s) showing at the 2015 PlayStation Experience fan event in San Francisco late last year. Several new videogames were announced for the kit at the show, including the likes of Rez Infinite and Ace Combat 7. Creator Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) also bravely tried to showcase the power of VR on-stage, which is something that many agree is tough to pull off. PlayStation Magic Lab Director Richard Marks showcased a demo titled ‘Disc Battle‘, though it sadly didn’t quite go to plan with the tech failing to work at the last minute.

Marks himself has now provided a fresh look at Disc Battle, though, with some new footage of the title being played as intended. The footage below comes from Marks’ talk at the 2016 Vision VR/AR Summit earlier this month. He talks through how the demo was intended to play out on-stage with three screens and two players. One player had a first-person view while the other had a third-person perspective. The third screen was for a spectator view. Players then used the PlayStation Move motion controllers to throw discs at each other.

The video showcases all three viewpoints and some amusing jokes from Marks about how it had failed him on-stage last year. It’s not clear if VR fans will ever see Disc Battle again as it’s strictly a technical demo at this point in time. SCE is set talk more about PlayStation VR during a presentation on 15th March at the 2016 Game Developers Conference (GDC), again in San Francisco. It’s hoped that this will be where fans finally learn the price and release date of the device and perhaps even see some new titles for it.

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