PlayStation VR Said to be Half the Price of Oculus Rift

There has been lots of hearsay regarding release dates and pricing of head-mounted displays (HMD), and as the anticipation is mounting more in-depth snippets of information are emerging – specifically for PlayStation VR. There have been multiple guesses of how much the headset will cost, from around $400 USD to $500 USD, with a confirmed denial of a $800 USD price tag from Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) – one thing that can be said is none of the predictions seem to be consistent, or from the official source. It has now been said that a non-official Sony representative has shared some inside intel on the pricing of the PlayStation VR.

It has been widely reported, information thought to have originated from a Reddit thread, that the basic HMD is hoped to cost $299 USD, significantly cheaper than its competitor, but for the whole package – including HMD, camera, and move controllers – it will cost a heftier $428 USD. This ‘rumour’ seems to have more weight behind it from the specificity of pricings and considerations of packaging, and if the unnamed Sony rep chooses to identify themselves then this could be exciting, solid information.

PlayStation VR headsetPlayStation VR is said to be lined up for release between now and Summer, with an array of content and titles ready to be played once put on the consumer market.

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