New Virtual Reality Content Hub VRDB Announced

With virtual reality (VR) news becoming more and more prevalent, and interest in the sector increasing year on year as the technology becomes publicly available, users want new and accessible ways of getting hold of content. Launched this month is VRDB.com allows developers to directly contribute their own content.

The site will include regular news, reviews, interviews, and features, but it’ll also be focused on creating a content hub and VR community. Part of the DBolical Network of sites including ModDB.com and IndieDB.com, VRDB content creators the ability to submit their own games and media to the site, so developers can directly contribute.


So studios can create an account then upload their latest screenshots, demos and trailers for VR fans to see.

The site is Australia based but aims to reach a worldwide audience as its part of DBolical. Companies already listed on the site include: 505 Games; Aldin Dynamics; Anshar Studios; Archiact Interactive; CCP Games; Cloudhead Games and many more.

VRFocus will continue to follow any further announcements from VRDB.com as it’s community grows.