NASA: VR Can Be Better Than Being There

NASA is doing a huge amount of work in virtual reality (VR) right now across a wide range of head-mounted displays (HMDs). Projects like the upcoming Mars 2030 title are being developed with the help of the group, and it’s even offering 360 degree images of the surface already. In fact, NASA dreams of the real Mars landing, and how VR tech will help to enhance this moment for people back on Earth.


NASA’s Jeff Norris spoke of this future at the 2016 Vision Summit today. “I now believe VR can be better than being there.” He spoke of the eventual landing on the surface of Mars, in which astronauts will be joined by what he described as ‘Telenauts’. VR users could join the historic event and get information about the planet as the astronauts explore it. He noted that astronauts would make the ‘important’ first steps on the planet while the Telenauts will ‘fly’ above it.

The group didn’t have any specific plans to announce for such software today. In fact it’s obviously years out, but it’s exciting to know NASA fully anticipates this future coming to pass.

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