LG Enter VR Race With LG 360 VR and 360 Cam

So far there have only been two top competitors for mobile-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD) which are the Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR, both comfortable in their positions as the former is the perfect beginner’s lightweight HMD, and the latter is the market’s more advanced option. However, LG revealed at the Mobile World Congress that they have entered the VR race with its very own mobile-based HMD, as well as a 360 camera.

The new headset, designed for the LG’s G5 phone said to be released at the same time, is much more aesthetically modest than the Cardboard or Gear VR as the design is sleek and minimised due, only 118 grams (4.6 ounces) in size – that’s around a third of a Gear VR, which isn’t overbearingly heavy to start with. The way LG has achieved such a lightweight alternative is down to a glasses-like design and the use of a USB connection to the phone, rather than mounting the phone onto the headset. It’s not all about how the product looks though – LG have boasted that what the user sees is similar to a 130-inch TV from 2 meters away, using dual 1080p OLED screens, both of which are individually adjustable. The VR competitor is said to be compatible with 360 pictures and video, as well as Google Cardboard content.

LG 360 camIn addition to the exciting 360 VR news, there is also a 360-degree camera that will be released onto the market soon too. The camera is equipped with two 13MP 200-degree wide angle cameras, is battery powered, and has 4GB internal memory with room for a supplementary microSD card. The idea is to connect the camera to the flagship G5 phone, and to create 360 content with surround sound which will be recorded on three microphones. As LG has made a partnership with Google in these projects, 360 images can be uploaded to Google Street View and YouTube360.

Currently the LG 360 VR only works with Android devices using a Snapdragon 820 processor, which includes the said LG G5 phone, and the pricing for the headset is still yet to be announced, as well as for the 360 cam.

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