Leap Motion Controller Gets Price Slashed on Best Buy

Leap Motion had some big news to share yesterday as it announced Orion, a new software and hardware initiative that aims to deliver faster, more accurate hand-tracking for virtual reality (VR) experiences. A software beta was launched for developers at the same time, and the hardware aspect will be seen later down the line with embeddable tech that will be used within head-mounted displays (HMDs). As for the original Leap Motion Controller? The sensor is now on sale for a huge reduction over at Best Buy.


The kit can be picked up for $39.99 USD in a clearance sale, which suggests that once it’s gone it won’t be coming back. The RRP is set at $79.99, so that’s just over half off. Shipping should take place within one business day too though fans should note that, if they’re hoping to use the kit with a HMD such as the Oculus Rift, they’ll also need to buy a mount that attaches the controller to the front of the given kit. From there, however, developers and enthusiasts will be able to enjoy hand-tracking in VR experiences that implement it.

With Oculus VR buying up Nimble VR and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) doing the same with SoftKinetic, hand-tracking looks set to play a big part in VR’s future. For now, however, these companies are option for position-tracked controllers such as the Oculus Touch and PlayStation Move devices for VR input. It may take some time before hand-tracking becomes an essential part of the VR experience, then, but it looks like Leap Motion itself is busy preparing for that future right now.

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