HTC Possibly Reveals First Image of Steam in VR

Oculus VR is building its own digital store for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) in time for launch next month. The company is creating a space that allows customers to purchase content within VR itself and even see previews of environments from software and more. When it comes to the HTC Vive, however, co-creator Valve already has one of the most robust online stores in the industry to work with in Steam. Fans have long debated how Steam might look in VR, and now it looks like an image from HTC itself has given them their first glimpse.


The image above was taken from the newly updated website for the HTC Vive and is accompanied with the caption “Room-scale experiences, absolute tracking, chaperone guidance and everything you love about Steam, now in VR”. It features enlarged tiles for nine VR videogames, each of which was shown at Valve’s own Content Showcase in Seattle, Washington last month. The layout otherwise closely resembles the traditional Steam, though it appears that the page will appear as a floating object in front of the user, which is to be expected given VR comfort standards.

What’s most interesting about the image, however, is what’s surrounding the page. Hover Junkers, the upcoming multiplayer combat experience from Stress Level Zero, is what’s highlighted within Steam. Surrounding the page, then, is what appears to be the interior one of the videogame’s hovercraft, which players steer across maps as they trade gunfire with other vehicles. It could be, then, that these images are brought up for every title highlighted, seamlessly bringing players into the worlds to at least some degree by just selecting the project of interest.

Of course, it’s yet to be confirmed that this is indeed an image of how Steam will look in VR. The HTC Vive will open up pre-orders for $799 USD on 29th February 2016, with first shipments being made on 1st April, so a more official look isn’t far off.

Check back with VRFocus for any further updates on how Steam is progressing in VR.